Estefania Torres, Environmental Studies, BMC ’23 & Saiqian Xiao, Growth and Structure of Cities, BMC ’23

Local Climate Action

Faculty Advisor: Prof. Don Barber

Field Site: Delaware County (participant in the PA Dept. of Environmental Protection’s Local Climate Action Program)

Field Supervisor: Dr. Sharon Jaye

Description of the Course:

The Local Climate Action Program is a structured environmental program that partners students with their community environmental departments to formulate an ethical and sustainable climate action plan. The programming is focused on creating a stronger network within these locations, utilizing knowledge on real world-applications, learning about community development, creating a data-collection and analyzing greenhouse gas inventories, and more. This course serves as an outlook onto social work within and outside the governmental sphere of the local environmental department. The first part of the programming specifies on collecting, organizing, and analyzing greenhouse gas inventories, as well as begin on the initial stages of community outreach approaches.

Praxis Presentation:

Please click here to access the video presentation.

2 thoughts on “Estefania Torres, Environmental Studies, BMC ’23 & Saiqian Xiao, Growth and Structure of Cities, BMC ’23

  1. Michiko

    This presentation was really fun to watch and had a lot of great insight into what you two are doing. I think the level of communication you had in this project is amazing and I admire the record you all kept of the things that were happening. The work you two are doing seems so huge despite how it’s concentrated in Delaware County, which is important to think about regarding sustainability. Every little thing can be extremely important with a large impact, and should never be taken for granted. You’ve done so much for this project and seeing this in combination with the reflections I’ve read from both of you is inspiring. I’m curious where this will take you next as it continues into the new year.

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