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Berit Kirkegaard, Sociology, BMC ’22

Beyond Preschool: Exploring the Impact of Early Childhood Education

Faculty Advisor: Amanda Cox

Field Site: Phebe Anna Thorne School

Field Supervisor: Jodie Baird

Course Description:

This course aims to examine the influence of the goals and curriculum of preschool on children’s social-emotional development and growth through critical observation of preschool classroom practices and children’s interactions. This course was originally designed to explore the outcomes of early childhood education through both a developmental and sociological lens, but throughout the semester has shifted to instead focus on the purpose of a pre-schooling experience. Interviews with preschool-aged parents, observations, and conversations with teachers at Thorne about their practices, provided me with a better understanding of the value of a preschool education.

Praxis Presentation:

Please click here to access the presentation.