Sylvia Young, Undeclared, BMC ’24

I chose this photo because I feel like it includes a lot all in one image. First, it shows four different people who are participating as dancers in the parade. I think the variety of who these people are is really meaningful, especially the two women in the front, one who is older and one who is younger. I think this speaks to the importance of tradition as a manner of connecting different generations and as a way of maintaining and passing down culture. I also just like the pose of the woman with the white headdress and her smile and look of pride.

I think this photo connects to the class because it highlights the way in which culture and traditions are maintained and developed over time and place. In particular, it relates to some of the later topics of the course, especially the idea of creating a home in a new place and developing a community and sense of belonging. This photo shows the different ways in which that creation of community can occur, by displaying the recreation of traditions, the spreading of traditions to younger generations, and the involvement of the non-Mexican community, all of which contribute to creating a sense of belonging.

I feel like this photo highlights the value of traditional and culture. On a more personal level, I think this picture shows the impact and value of learning about the traditions of a culture that is not your own. One of the things I really like about this picture is that you can see the street sign, restaurant, and people watching the parade in the background. I think this emphasizes the public context in which the parade is occurring and the fact that it is happening in the U.S., not Mexico. I think both of these things show the value of traditions not only in one’s own culture, but also the way that everyone can benefit from seeing the practice of traditions. I think this photo really speaks to traditions as a source of community and connection.

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  1. Kate Fernandez

    I appreciated your reflection on tradition, and particularly sharing them in such a public way. I enjoyed this glimpse into your experience- thank you for sharing it (and your insight!).

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