Romelia Guerrero, Psychology, BMC ’24

How does this photograph speak to you?
This photo speaks to me by showing the strong community we have in this class. Many
of us have shared personal experiences that have been relatable and being able to take
a trip together as a class was a lovely experience. This class has provided us the
opportunity to meet members of the Mexican community of south Philly and listen to their
stories. It’s nice to have a picture with many of our peers and our guest speakers all
together learning and connecting.

How does it connect to the readings, films or discussions you have had in class?
Listening to the stories of our guest speakers reminds me of many of the videos and
readings we have had in class. Many of our videos in class emphasize what the lived
experiences of Mexican Immigrants look like on the daily. One specific reading I was
drawn to was Rosa’s chapter where she talks about how women built their community
and support system to get through tough times together. Their story reminds me of our
guest speakers who have built and found their community in South Philly over the years.

What does it mean to you personally?
Personally, this picture means community. My peers in this class have told countless
stories about their personal experiences of topics that relate to what we study in class.
Their stories have helped me see the experience of what the first-gen experience looks
like from all over and at times has been comforting having people to relate to. In class,
Dr.Montes has created an environment that is safe to make this possible. When we took
this trip, our entire class got to experience this celebration together as a community and
we had to opportunity to bond in an environment that was out of the classroom

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  1. Kate Fernandez

    It seems like your group created a supportive community. I hope those connections and the experiences you shared remain vibrant and supportive beyond the semester. I appreciated hearing about your experiences, thanks for sharing!

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