Amanda Ramos, Undeclared, BMC ’24

It was very hard just to choose one photo because many were very lovely in different ways in my opinion. One that I just thought was pretty cool was this image on the left. I really liked how the photographer caught these two ladies in the air holding hands. Looks like a they were really happy and enjoying this day especially with the crowd in the back. This also looks like a representation of the world of the dead celebrating the day of the dead, which I found really cool.

However, the image that I will like to discuss in this response paper is the one with the three lovely ladies on the right, who were attending the street festival. All three seem to be enjoying as they have pretty smiles on their faces and hugging each other. This picture overall speaks to me and the films, reading and with our discussions in class by showing a happy community that is celebrating an important day.

Realizing during this trip, that this day celebrates so much more than honoring your ancestors. It allows us to celebrate family as a community because even though there were many different people who probably don’t know each other but yet still come together, enjoy each others presence and joy. Throughout this semester, I learned a lot about Mexican culture and the history of how they migrated to the U.S; and coming to an end to this class, I learned how community is such an important aspect overall and anywhere in the world but Mexicans have pursued that by working hard and bring their homes to a different country, where they created and build history