Nelid Rios Morales, Sociology, BMC ’24

This photography expresses my heritage, my ethnicity, and my culture. It tells me a story about two women who continue to enjoy their culture while also enduring hardship. That is to say, they are missing their wonderful Mexico. I saw them donning the colors of the Mexican flag with joy. Most significantly, in Mexico, wearing traditional clothing is a source of pride. They are walking in memory of loved ones who have died. This photograph also depicts the beauty of Mexico among these lovely women, particularly those with long braids. Overall, this shot encourages me to embrace my heritage and never forget the color of my national flag.

This photograph relates to the lesson since we learn during the semester that when Mexicans migrate, they bring their traditions with them to feel more at home. It also fosters a feeling of community in which they are able to communicate with and be around people who understand them, as well as a sense of belonging. Continuing to celebrate their customs teaches their children about their heritage and life in Mexico. Throughout the procession, you can see how immigrants became prominent as a result of their clothing, dances, and painting, which made them stick out. We learn in class that continuing to celebrate their traditions helps them feel less homesick and, more significantly, helps them create a new home for themselves.

Personally, this photo depicts where I came from because, despite being born in the United States, I identify as Mexican rather than American. I grew up celebrating my parents’ customs, and it made me happy to be able to continue doing so even though I am far away from home. I felt at home during the procession since I was surrounded by people who looked like me and spoke my language. They put me at ease and made me feel at ease. Being a part of this tradition allows me to feel more connected to my heritage and learn more. These women in
the photograph represented a person who is brown and a female, much like myself. This has
taught me to be strong and proud of my roots, and to always embrace my culture no matter
where I am. It also makes me feel more connected to my family.