Ellie Canty, Biology, HC ’22

Teaching Through Embodied Learning

Faculty Advisor: Alice Lesnick

Field Site: https://katyhawkins.teachable.com/

Field Supervisor: Katy Hawkins

Course Description:

In this Independent study I developed curriculum based on the theory of embodied learning that suggests that there is much untapped academic learning that can happen through movement rather than words. This practice also worked to provide mind/body integration and accommodates learning differences in the study of poetry. In practice, I helped to develop curricular content, generate prompts for reflection, and refine pedagogical tools for communicating complex ideas to a diverse student body. I also addressed any confusion from students, creating safe spaces for dialogue, and facilitating communication between students and the professor. My communication skills improved as I provided feedback to students, contributing to assessing student writing and creative work. These experiences, paired with my self-guided research and reflection on embodied learning, pushed me to understand more about implementing innovative ways of teaching across the body and mind divide.

Praxis Presentation:

Please click here to access the presentation.

One thought on “Ellie Canty, Biology, HC ’22

  1. Liv Raddatz

    Thank you for your thoughtful presentation and reflections, Ellie! I especially enjoyed hearing your thoughts on the class activity on modifications for yoga poses and relating it to the understanding/meaning of poetry. It can be tough to work with a quiet group but it sounds like you found ways to engage different learners. The quotes you share towards the end are beautiful and suggest that students learned a lot in the course, especially about themselves. I’m curious what you take away for yourself and how it may inform your future plans.

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